Secure screenshare with Pidgin
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The plugin enables you to securely share selected windows or the entire screen to your buddies directly from Pidgin. Alongside this, comes the convenience of OTR-encrypted screen packets through the most reliable & venerated OTRv4 E2E encryption library.

ScreenShareOTR plugin features

  • Encryption - You can trust that only you & your buddy will be able to see shared screen packets, thanks to LibOTRv4-powered encryption.
  • Performance - Share screens without interruption and around NAT through a quick & effective reverse tunneling method.
  • Portability - With support for Linux & Windows, you can share the screen no matter which operating system you are on.


14 Jul

Performance update: ss-otr version 1.1.0

Added application crash/interruption handlers to automatically stop frame capture

Fixed complication which occurred in libotr.dll when both Pidgin-OTR & ScreenShare-OTR were enabled at the same time

Added Data Sent/Received notifier to inform the user how many MBs were captured since the screenshare session started

26 Apr

Initial release: ss-otr version 1.0.0

Screen/window capture support for MetroUI/UWP/GDI (Windows) and Wayland/X11 (Linux)

Top-level window enumeration via EnumWindows (Windows) and GDK (Linux)

Friendly user-interface for starting/stopping & viewing screen/window captures


For Windows

Download the installer & proceed to select the directory path where Pidgin.exe is located to complete installation.

Manual Binary Setup (Windows)

Download the RAR & follow the instructions provided in HOWTO.txt

For Linux

Download the installer for your respective distro. It will automatically assume the default Pidgin Plugin directory '/.purple/plugins/'

For MacOS

Coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

How can ScreenShare-OTR ensure the security of my information?
Once the "Enable OTR" checkbox is selected, every single captured screen frame is E2E encrypted using LibOTRv4.1.1, so that only you & your partner will be able to encrypt/decrypt screen packets!
How quickly does the screenshare session work in-transit?
In an optimal environment, ScreenShare-OTR can guarantee 5-10 frames to be read per second while sharing specific Windows, meanwhile approximately 3-5 frames are read per second while sharing the whole screen. From Linux 10-20 packets are read per second for specific Windows, however for whole screen capture 1-2 packets are read per second.
Does the "Enable OTR" feature cause any deterrence to packet transfer?
No, because of how effectively LibOTR can encrypt up to 64kb in 50-100ms, there is no significant impact on packet transfer speeds.
If the receiver or sender closes the plugin window does the Screenshare session stop automatically?
Yes, with the current plugin version, if there is any interruption, crash, or sender/receiver-issued stop event then the screenshare session is automatically terminated.
Can I share my screen with more than one contact simultaneously?
Unfortuantely, at the current time this functionality is not supported, but there is plans to implement it in the future.
Even though my OTR is verified/private, the screen viewer/capturer doesn't start, what is the reason?
You need to make sure that OTR is verified/private for both YOU and YOUR buddy in order for the ScreenShare-OTR plugin to function correctly.